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Mindfulness of yourself and your environment are keys to a happier and better life. 

The state of your mind, living and working space are indicators of what is going on in your life.

Mindset - Strategy - Results

Opening your mindset to the options, possibilities, and potential waiting to be seized will make a difference. You will know what to focus on to achieve the best result, understand the most efficient way to take action, release your blockages, and break free from your self-limitations.

Life Quality

Creating a better flow of the energies in your home can help you create a better and stronger environment to achieve a more harmonious living.

You can enhance your energy, productivity, communication, and even your health while being mindful of your needs and desires and your family's and relative's well-being and well-living.
You will be able to bring more ease into your personal life, your work, and your business.

Let's remove the obstacles so that you can attract new opportunities and good fortune.

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The 10 Core IDentities - guide

It's essential to know yourself to accomplish yourself and succeed in your Life.

Get a first insight into the KEYS that make you - You. 

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Renewed Perception - Regain of Motivation   

Franck C - Entrepreneur
France -Québec

When I first met Pernille Sabouret, I expected more or less to find the same blueprints and overviews with the BaZi Profiling than with other systems.


But I got so many other answers.

Mathilde J 


I had come to a turning point in my career reflecting on a lot of questions: Am I in the right place? What else can I do?

Today I can say it: I'm in the right place. Thank you, Pernille

Gaël S

Bachelor B.A.A

For a student like me, Bazi Profiling opened my perception of otherwise exciting perspectives. And I have been able to position myself with more faith and assurance.