Reconnect with your Inner Aspirations
Build a Life of Purpose


This is the right place to
transform Your Life
to feel Better, Happier and Fulfilled.

You can actually achieve your goals being more YOU!

I can help you to 

  • identify and own your unique strengths

  • talents turn them into a motivational

  • inspiring lifestyle live your life on your terms

Together we can create Clarity around your Potential and Possibilities.


I will teach you how to perceive the path meant for you to attain your goal. 

You will reconnect with your Inner Energy and Drive and build the Motivation to create the Life that will inspire and fulfill you.

* and discover how I can help you.

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* and discover how I can help you.

Discover Your "Self"

Do you want to reconnect with your daily motivation and inspiration. Regain your drive with the understanding of your winning talents.

Design Your Life

Do you want to leverage on your Assets and Your Environment to boost your Life & Career Potentiel and Possibilities?

BaZi and Feng Shui are your stepping stones.

Life Quality

Do you want to create an Environment that can support you to create Well-Being and Well-Living?

Open your Mind with Feng Shui and add a touch of Hygge.

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About Pernille

I'm Pernille J. Sabouret, a Danish Viking having crossed borders several times, giving me a precious international experience.​


I left my country at the age of 21, opened my first restaurant at 26, became home-mum some years later, opened a first and then a second restaurant entering the Michelin guide before immigrating for the second time and reconstructing a life of passion and sense freedom.​


My unique path, experience, and knowledge managing and dealing with clients' and employees' feelings, needs, and desires allow me to help you clear your mind, find your direction and regain the confidence and motivation to create your desired life.

What it will be like
working with me

My clients often say that they feel understood and cared for. They feel like the sun is coming back into their lives. 

I will work with you with sincerity and positivity to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to take the first step in the right direction to achieve the life you aspire.

I will be there to support you and bring faith to overcoming your doubts and of course, I will be there to celebrate your wins.

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Renewed Perception - Regain of Motivation   

Franck C - Entrepreneur
France -Québec

When I first met Pernille Sabouret, I expected more or less to find the same blueprints and overviews with the BaZi Profiling than with other systems.


But I got so many other answers and they largely surpassed my expectations - a real guideline.

Mathilde J

I had come to a turning point in my career reflecting on a lot of questions: Am I in the right place? What else can I do?

Today I can say it: I'm in the right place. Thank you, Pernille

Maya M.

Your advice paid off!

A few months after the consulting, I applied for a new job in my organization and got the job!

A significant promotion. I am so happy to have a job that I adore and have a fantastic boss.

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