Our Mission

"The Secret to Living

is sharing and giving"

Our Goal

Pernille Consulting was founded out of the aspiration and the desire to :

-          Allow you to perceive your Life Capacity 
 Go beyond your beliefs
-          Allow you to
understand and realize WHO you actually can be and what you can achieve
-          Guide you to
uncover your values and inborn talents, how to awaken them, and this way allow you to reconsider your Career Options
-          Make you find out what you have to move on and become better

-          Guide you to think differently: Don't think fear - Think action
-          Allow you to awaken the treasure within and achieve Professional Success and Personal Well-Being

Pernille Consulting's Services

Your Professional and Personal Profile



Your profile is a precise tool established to recognize and understand yourself with the view to a better positioning in Life.

With your BaZi Profiling, you’d be able to TRANSFORM your NATURAL PREDISPOSITION into TANGIBLE CAPACITIES to ACHIEVE SUCCESS and your Life goals.



Disconnect from your Beliefs and Things that slow you down


Reconnect with your Inner Nature and Strengths

Learn to strategize on your winning skills and talents to change your perception and become a better version of yourself. Level up and higher your standards. Take action to change.

Create your Life out of your Full Potential.

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Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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