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Your Success -
                    My Fulfillment

My inner aspiration, desire and purpose:

     -  Guide you to get renewed Clarity
     -  Get you aligned with your Life Purpose  
     -  Make you rediscover your Passion 
     -  Unleash your fullest Life and Career Potential
     -  Make you understand what you can achieve

     -  Make you realize WHO you can be 




Graduated with language certificates, I speak, write, read and think naturally in Danish, English and French, and I get pretty well along in four others; Swedish, German, Norwegian and Spanish.


Thanks to this skill, I have created and accepted opportunities worldwide. Every experience has taught me the importance of displaying a subtle character, an open mindset, and doing things differently.


Amongst my experiences, I have taken on various job scopes, notably as an executive assistant in fields as different as real estate, universities, technologies, and have even built three businesses. For more than ten years, I have been at the head of three semi-gastronomic restaurants in France as an owner and manager. This part of my life has, without a doubt, taught me to step up, take action, and persevere at any moment. My innate organizational skill has been of great help during this period, and along with it, my positive and healthy mindset. Even today, I think that every day made me leave my comfort zone, and I learned so much about myself and people in general. There were challenging moments, but I don’t regret any single one of them as they have made me who I am today.


With such an insight into human nature and its capacities, I decided to go further and have acquired efficient consultant tools such as BaZi Profiling/Chinese Astrology, QiMen Life Strategy, Feng Shui, NLP, and conversational Hypnosis techniques. A fascinating and impactful mix of cultures that has given me great results since I implemented it for more than a decade in my own living.


As a BaZi and Feng Shui Consultant, I guide my clients to discover their strengths and reconnect with their higher Life Purpose and Aspirations based on their date and hour of Birth. I allow my clients to understand their full potential and how to connect with their TAO and transform their Lives.


Being myself aware of what I need to be fulfilled, which path I’m meant to take, what innate skills to use, and how to align daily with my life purpose, I know that I’m at the right place, and when I took the step, the timing for my change of direction was perfect.


And what can possibly be better than to see the fantastic Life Transformation that my clients go through when they truly realize WHO they are, the renewed perspectives and options and WHAT greatness they are capable of.

*TAO or DAO signifies the walk or the path that we take, in a way, it's the foundation of what gives us the stability in our life. 

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Born in Denmark (and still so proud of being Danish) and making France my second homeland, I have jumped on a lot of occasions to cross borders, literally and virtually.


I am somewhat adventurous and daring, though having a great need to be surrounded by people I love. I often show a spontaneous and joyful attitude and have never taken a negative impulse as an option.

The only daughter and firstborn grandchild, I grew up in a world of adults. I developed and discovered every new adventure through an adult's eyes, thinking like a grown-up while keeping a joyful and positive nature with a playful and mischievous part, which also showed an excellent moral fibre with a determined and strong character.

I'm a woman of action and taking action. Perseverance and ambition are part of me. The Vikings' blood is in my veins where from my curiosity and desire for expansion and discovering. But, fret not, I don't have the cruel character of my ancestor.


Life is meant to be lived. And especially when I feel this little sensation of “butterflies in my stomach”, I know that I am about to do something significant for myself. Perhaps, one day I’ll be able to fly...


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We enter the Michelin Guide with our second restaurant


I obtain my

Feng Shui Certification


My first meeting with

Dato Joey Yap in NY

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Certifié consultante Feng Shui 2014 - Ma
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On the Expert Panel in KL


GRWB Certification - BaZi

in KL Malaysia


The QiMen Academy Live 

in KL - Malaysia

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QiMen Academy 2019.jpg