"Feng Shui & Hygge"

I have built this course for YOU who have no knowledge or very little about Feng Shui or Hygge.

I have created it as simple and easy as possible.

You will  learn efficient methods to set up your home in a more beneficial manner  to design the Life you desire. 

Discover the necessary tool to live and feel even better at home!


This tool and course is based on observations originating more than 3000 years ago of the Universe's energies impact on Mankind and proven techniques and formulas stemming 200 years back. It's a mini-course that will provide you with efficient methods to arrange your environment and create the Life and Dynamism you desire.


You'll learn and understand the energies in your home et you'll know the benefice of putting your office and you bed, only to mention those two, in the right rooms.


You'll learn to rearrange your house or condo according to your current priorities and objectives, for example, by enhancing and strengthening:


-      Your health

-      Your family relations

-      Your career

-      Your motivation

-      Your children and their studies

-      Your reputation

-      Prosperity

-      Your couple relations



A simple, easy, ludic, and instructive course and tool allowing you to create the life you want.

DIY "Feng Shui & Hygge"


Module 1 – Fundamentals

  • The Origins

  • The Qi – the energy

  • The Four Major Factors in Feng Shui

  • Yin and Yang and the Five Elements


Module 2 – Identity

  • The Inception of BaGua and Luo Shu

  • Your GUA – your Feng Shui number – know your favourable direction and sectors

  • Your Home – its’ energies


Module 3 – The Plan

  • Create the energetic plan of your home

  • Make use of the energies “The Flying Stars”

  • Knowing and understanding your personal sectors and the “Tai Ji” technique


Module 4 – Let’s go practicing

  • Exterior walk to understand the essential configurations

  • Interior visit to grasp the importance of the energy flow


Module 5 – Beliefs

  • Put the light on objects, rituals, mirrors, beliefs


Module 6 – Hygge

  • Learn the Danish Life Philosophy to take the time to take your time

*Includes 14 videos and a workbook

147 $


When you buy your online course, you have the possibility to book a 30 minutes' session

with me to get your course related questions answered

Please note that this is not a Feng Shui Consulting, but a session to help you go deeper in your course.



Useful until February 3, 2020

How to use the Sectors in 2020

Did you know that the way you utilize the sectors in your Home can have an impact on your Life?

​If not, you could be very stunned by the results if you knew where to position yourself to be more efficient in attaining your goal.

NW - Work in this area to get sharper in business

W - Be in this area to amend complicated relationships. Useful also if connecting on social media

NE - Be in this sector if you need support or help and ask for it here

SW - A good sector for studying and gaining new skills

SE - If you have a lot of things to be done - be in this area ​

I use these sectors myself and believe me; it makes a real difference.

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