Success without the inclusion of your family isn't what we would consider a Success or a Fulfillment.


Happiness and Success are two factors that should be shared.

A better understanding of every family member, your spouse, and children, and enhanced communication will inevitably lead to a good and harmonious relationship.

​Sometimes, it can even be essential to get your physical environment right. Your home hides a lot of talents and values that can equally be beneficial for you all. Tapping into the energies and configurations of your home can make an essential difference.

Let's get some of your questions answered:


​ - How can I understand my spouse and my children better?

 - Is there a way to communicate better and create stronger bonds?

 - How can I find the meaning of my role?

 - How do I get the best relationship with my spouse?

 - What can my children achieve?

 - What can we do to keep our individuality in our relations?

 - Is there a way for me to support my children in their studies?

Your life, as well as your spouse's and children's life, have been conditioned from the day you were born, and you have all a path meant for you, individually and family-wise.


 Everyone needs to fill his or her role and at the same time be true to oneself.


From time to time, we may feel imbalanced, and that where the misunderstanding and misinterpretation start.

If this appeals to you and you would like your family to walk the common and the individual path, consider working with me.


Two consulting sessions, the life theme of every family member, and an actionable plan to live and grow together while achieving your individual fulfillment will help you get clarity of how to achieve your life purpose.

Here is what you get

The path to your family alignment*


The date and hour of birth of each member of your family will allow accessing your life themes. You'll get a renewed perception of each one: your primary identity, behavioural structures, ideal professional profiles, and, of course, your inborn talent without forgetting the dreams and needs.


I will spend a moment with you in your home to collect data and information identifying your home and revealing the hidden treasures of your place – the energetic pattern. It will open up to a real utilization plan and includes your personal Life ID and everyone's affinities with the sectors of your home.

We'll look at the desired transformations for each and everyone during this visit and consider personal aspirations. It's important to be aware of every member's needs to advance towards family harmony while respecting the individual priorities altogether.


Of course, it isn't always a simple equation, but it's within range with the right indications.


I will join you at your place about two weeks after our first meeting. This time, we will go through the ways of getting an in-depth understanding of one another and looking at the rearrangements that would be favourable to undertake in your home.

According to everyone's identity and personality, it may sometimes be beneficial to reorganize the room distribution or at least change the use to support each of you in your projects.

I will present my suggestions and give you some simple key points to help you make the reorganization whenever you feel like it, may it be communication wise or in your home.

My objective is to give you the necessary keys to attain the family harmony you aspire to – serenely and when it fits you the best.


*Every family path has its characteristics, and my investment is always entirely personalised and adjusted to the size of your family and your needs.

Starting from

$1297 US*

*For Canadians  ->  $1 US = $1 CAD

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