Feng Shui is an ancient art used to assess the quality of an environment. Nowadays, Feng Shui means many different things for every one of us, but only a few know what it is in reality. 

Feng Shui is another image of our living and working environment than the one we have. Feng Shui isn’t an art nor just a lifestyle.


Feng Shui is very technical, and to define the quality of the energies in our environment, techniques, and calculations are used. As such, Feng Shui provides a precise and very different image of what we can see.


We will be able to know in which way the environment impacts us; may it regard our health, relationship, family life, career, studies, children, our investments, and wealth. 

Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion. And Feng Shui doesn’t decide for us what we must do. Feng Shui informs us what we can do to enhance our situation and what may support us or prevent us from attaining our goals. 

And surely it should not be considered an art of putting Chinese figures in the right sector or direction. The only thing that can change our life is taking action.  

Feng Shui is a question of good sense drawn from observations and assessments of our environment. And it gives us guidance on which rearrangements we can do in our environment or home to enhance the good vibes and calm the more negative ones. 

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Demystification of Feng Shui

What Feng Shui is and what it isn't

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A thorough study of the external environmental features will define the quality of your interior environment.

The definition of the sectors of your home, their features and characteristics start with a direction and a degree

The running of a Consulting Session

Plural step consultation

A Feng Shui Consulting goes through several steps.

The first visit to your place is necessary to assess your exterior environment in the first place, and secondly, we go through your home internally. I will take notes to make the energetical assessment of your house or apartment. I will also note the dates and hours of Birth of each resident, and you will inform me of your primary goal at that present moment.

This visit will allow you to clarify the actions to take and the rearrangements to do according to the calculations' results.

And as mentioned above, I use the traditional Feng Shui techniques, so you can be sure that I will not suggest you putting objects or figures in your home or repaint the wall in strange codified colors. You will get logical solutions made of sense that YOU decide to do when you are ready to initiate the change.



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