The Danish-Chinese Way of Living in a Harmonious and Cosy Environment

Feng Shui and Hygge are a winning combination when it comes to our environment.

Feng Shui is native to Asia, to China to be more precise and Hygge is a Life Philosophy from Denmark. Both aim for the same essential thing – Living better and happier in our environment. 

Feng Shui defines the energetic quality in the environment and allows us to assess these energies' best use.

Hygge adds a special, inviting touch to make us want to take the time to live a moment fully.

With Feng Shui, we work with techniques and formulas to decide to define the Yin or the Yang nature of a particular room and how to make it as advantageous as possible.

With Hygge, we create an atmosphere by choosing the colors, materials and 
textures that inspires You the most. Hygge aims to create an environment providing the pleasure of living and taking time to live with no hustle.

We all have the same goal in life – being happy, in shape, and healthy. So with a bit of good sense, the notions and techniques of Feng Shui, and a dose of Hygge, you'll have the ideal recipe to create the environment where you feel GOOD.

Feng Shui 


Feng Shui, thousands of years old, is based on the Ancient Sages' thorough observations of the Universe, the environment, and how these energies could impact our well-being and life quality.

​Modern interpretations of Feng Shui don't always make it easier to seize for many people. People often mix it up with interiour decoration, decorative Chinese objects, an art or a Lifestyle, and sometimes even religion. But there is nothing into this.

Traditionally, Feng Shui is a technique to define the environment in which we evolve.


It defines the energies in our exterior and interior environment and how they may play a role in our daily lives. It offers us a whole different image of our living space compared to the one we perceive ordinarily.

Feng Shui may preconize changes in our environment and our mindset to see the achievement of our goal and desire.

And by the way, Feng Shui is always applied as to our goals of the moment.

Hygge is a word with multiple faces. There is no translation possible to Hygge. It's used as well as a verb, a noun, an adjective or adverb only by adjusting the base.

Hygge is a feeling, a sensation, a perception, a capacity of enjoying a specific moment. A moment that you continue appreciating even after; a life philosophy.

And it is possible to Hygge alone, being two, with your family, between friends, outside, and inside. 

Hygge is a notion of enjoying and integrating any moment in life to its' fullest.

The idea about Hygge is to take the time - taking the time. 

May we aspire for a better career, a better family relation, find our loved one, have better health, only to mention some examples, our environment's assessment could be astonishing efficient.

Good sense, the right changes or rearrangements according to our environment's configuration may bring us the result we aim for.

Traditional Feng Shui is the remedy of the blockages of our BaZi Personality Profile. One with the other form an all and are our alleys to create the Life we want.

And it's precisely that, the secret of Hygge; taking your time, permitting yourself to take the time and enjoy it sincerely to the bottom of ourselves.

 The environment, the frame, and the atmosphere are of great importance in Hygge. Often Hygge is related to rituals, habits, or traditions established during the years.

It's all about creating moments with simplicity, softness, empathy… To take the time to live that moment without the thought about the "after." Make one thing at a time –as if we made a pause, and the time stops around us. 

The main keys to Hygge are :

Notions of well-being, cocooning, being together, have an easy mind, and feeling secure – and most importantly -  not to have any expectations. You just let go and take the time.

The running of a Feng Shui Consulting

A Three-Step consultation

The Three steps of a Feng Shui Consultation consist of:


A preliminary visit to collect datas and informations such as the configuration of your external and internal environment, the direction of your house and main door, your primary and immediate goal, the dates and hour of birth of every inhabitant.

The Report elaboration; technical information, plans, recommended actions and suggestions to create your personal Hygge-environment 

A final visit to give you the report, present the content and add some brief additional information

I use traditional Feng Shui techniques and add only "cosy suggestions" to realign your environment according to your goals. Be reassured, I will not suggest you putting cultural objects or figures in your home or repaint the walls in strange codified colors.


You will get logical solutions made of sense that YOU decide to do when you are ready to initiate the change.

A thorough study of the external environmental features will define the quality of your interior environment.

The definition of the sectors of your home, their features and characteristics start with a direction and a degree

The subtle way of adding your personal Hygge-touch and create an inviting atmosphere to slow down

Solutions to fit your time and lifestyle
Advisory Consulting.jpg

Your winning personal assets


Gain a clear and deep understanding of what motivates you

Your innate skillsets to use to attain your goal and how to adjust them


Personal development consulting 

Plan and strategize on the yearly perspectives


Be a step ahead to achieve what you want

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