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Do you want to assert your Potential and regain Confidence in your Career or Business?


We evolve in a rapidly changing world career and business-wise with the need to (re)position and (re)invent ourselves to stay fit with our aspirations.

Guidance to the best path of action is the best way to get further and attain success.

Instead of staying stuck and letting your thoughts and beliefs overwhelm you, consider working with me. 

I will be pleased to be your accountability partner. The one you can rely on to help you get things right when your vision gets blurred.

And I can provide you proven strategies and structures to support your career and entrepreneurial journey.

4 Sessions

1:1 Consulting

Your Journey to Success


You can get answers to:

​ - Should I change my career?

 - What do I need to change to succeed professionally?

 - Am I better off being an employee or self-employed?

 - Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

 - What are the skills and strengths that may lead me to success?

 - Where can I find fulfillment and success?

 - What job role would fit me the best?

 - What do I need to develop to attain the success I want?



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We came into this world gifted with talents, aptitudes, characters, and values; A DNA identity pattern. This means that we have a predisposition for precise personal and professional paths.

At times, we take a direction that ends up feeling "not right." Something seems not fitting with our needs and aspirations.

​That's when we start thinking and understanding that it is time to step up. It's time to listen to this inner voice telling us that there is much more for us out there, waiting for us to "wake up."

If this resonates with you and you want to walk your path and no longer stay in a position where you survive instead of just living, you have come to the right place.

Send me a message below and find out how we can get you on the track again.

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Here is what you get

Mentoring - Consulting Program


This is the starting point of your Life Transformation. Your Natal Profile is your database, the definition of your Identity DNA; Who you are and how you function personally, and what you need to succeed in your professional fulfillment.


Together, we will work on your goal to provide you a clear and precise vision of what you want. We will ensure that your goal is achievable and realistic without forgetting the definition of your timeframe to attain your objective.


We will meet for a total of four consulting sessions to provide you the best perception of how to attain your goal. We'll reconsider and adjust your action plan according to your progression and how your project evolves during each session. We will beware combining your talents and opportunities adequately with your objective for you to have the most practical realization perspectives. We will study the tactics to install to keep on track and stay aligned with your aspirations.

We will stay on track together.


$887 US

For Canadians  ->  $1 US = $1 CAD

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To book your journey or to get additional information, please get in touch with me here.

Thank you! I will get back as soon as possible