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Recognizing oneself, understanding oneself, reestablishing the internal and external balance, and making better use of the environment are essentials aspects of fulfillment.

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Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics

Many people don’t know that practices like Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, BaZi, and Yi Jing are what we commonly call Chinese Metaphysics.


And when they do know it, their understanding changes. Talking about Metaphysics, whatever may be the origin, the entire perception changes. Metaphysics are rational research of knowledge of the being (the mind, nature, matter), the Universe, and the Universe's reasons. Some consider it as a different understanding of the World. The comprehension that everything (above, below, and beyond) combines to be part of a whole.


The roots of Chinese Philosophy goes way back to the 6th century before JC and starts an era where the perception of the World is totally disrupted. The Real was analyzed in terms of interaction, reciprocal relations, and continuous transformations where the supernatural and older religious beliefs and understanding were defined from a cosmological angle. This newer perception of the Universe was, and still is, a mean to understand the internal mechanisms. The same mechanisms that allow the Universe to function, to regulate and unfold itself since the Dao (the first principle) until the definition of individual beings by a contour and a shape. (Ref: JC Demariaux)


Chinese Metaphysics covers 5 Arts: Medicine, Mountain, Divination, Destiny, and Physiognomy. The common point of each art is the quality and flow of energy, yin and yang, the five elements and their interaction. 


And I’m almost sure that you’ve heard of or perhaps even practiced at least one of the arts.


The category of Medicine is naturally about health. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbology. And all take their roots in the well-known book “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.


Mountain covers Philosophical Arts, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, Cultivation, Meditation. This category is named this way because one would need to go up to the mountain to receive the knowledge, thoughts, and teaching of Ancient Chinese Philosophers.


Divination is perhaps the most popular of the 5 Arts. It covers Yi Jing and QiMen Dun Jia, Tai Yi, relying on numerical analysis to reveal one’s past and future and even to predict the outcome of events.


Destiny is about Fate or Destiny, as the name of the category suggests. The study of what the Universe provides us with at our Birth. So we find methods as BaZi, the Four Pillars of Destiny, and Purple Star Astrology.


And lastly, Physiognomy which indicates the study of forms and shapes of people, as well as land and environment. It’s about appearances and interpretation. The arts are Feng Shui, Face Reading, Palm Reading.


Indeed, these arts take their roots thousands of years ago, but they are still used with efficiency and get the same great results.


The difference in their usage today is the access to knowledge, instruction, and capacity of interpretation. Everyone today can master their lives by taking action accordingly to their goals. Meaning that is no longer a question of Fate but rather Destiny.



The Four Pillars of Destiny - Chinese Astrology

The basics of BaZi created BaZi Profiling.

BaZi is a dynamic and modern method of Professional Profiling in total phase with the rhythm and structure of our lives nowadays.

It is an operational and strategic tool teaching us a better understanding of ourselves. 

The BaZi Profile indicates the means to take more precise and better decisions by opening our perceptions to renewed optics and options. 

The strengths of BaZi is to teach us in which way we can act and what we can do strategically to change our lives and reintroduce flow and harmony to our existence.

 The BaZiChart 

Social ID

Working ID

Personal ID

Wanted ID

Natal Chart

Inalterable identity

Dynamic Chart

The Path of our Personality

Visible personal traits

Invisible Traits - Hidden Potential

The Chart and the Information

BaZi is the imprint of the energies, planets, constellations present at the moment of your birth, and an image of who you are, your structures and behaviors, and what you can achieve in your life.


For instance, your chart will inform you of:


  • your four dominant identities and profiles

  • your character

  • your behavior and functioning structures 

  • your talents and inborn capacities 

  • your professional profiles with the most significant return on investment

  • your qualities and how to strengthen them

  • your weaknesses and how to improve them

  • your skills and aptitudes

The BaZi Profiling is for YOU, if you are:

  • A student

  • Looking for a job

  • Searching for a new employee

  • Searching for a business partner

  • A business owner and searching for an executive officer


Or if you want to:


  • Go into business

  • Bring new energy to your life

  • Know your full potential

  • Know how to get better results                             

  • Know which elements to consider when choosing your future job

BaZi Profiling

BaZi Profiling is a branch of BaZi, concentrating primarily on the professional aspects of our lives.


Understand it this way: The BaZi Profile teaches you to make strategic and winning choices and decisions. In a certain way, you could be your proper coach, as you’ll know very clearly your capacity and full potential.


You will realize WHO you are and WHO you can Be!

As such, despite its' origins, BaZi Profile is NOT a general horoscope that we decide to believe in depending on the message.


Admittedly, the BaZi Profiling and BaZi are "natives" from Asia, where the use of these tools is widespread. Used as part of personal development and entrepreneurs wanting to know more about the profile of a future working partner, for example, these techniques and their relevance won't stop surprising or convincing us.

Feng Shui - Assessment of our Environment's Energetic Quality 

The TOOL to study the environment

Though it took its roots about 3 thousand years ago, Feng Shui is a thorough OBSERVATION of the exterior and interior ENVIRONMENT and the influence that it may have on our WELL-BEING and LIFE QUALITY.​

The techniques and formulas of Feng Shui allow us to realign our energies with those in our environment, and this way improve our state of being and state of mind.
The goal of a rearrangement of the areas with Feng Shui is to create a favorable environment to optimize our capacity to re-energize and recover from our demanding and challenging daily life and rhythms. 

It’s often possible to find the reasons why our everyday life doesn’t correspond to our expectations. We can learn, through Feng Shui how to change things considered an obstacle.  As such, Feng Shui can be useful if you want to improve:

  • Your relationships, your family or social life 

  • Your health and physical and psychological Well-Being 

  • Your professional opportunities 

Or when:

  • You are looking to buy a new house

  • You want to undertake major renovations of your home

  • You are considering constructing your house

Feng Shui with a Danish Touch - My personal touch

Being a Danish Girl, I have grown up in the Homeland of Hygge, the Danish Life Philosophy. Hygge is a part of me, and I always keep its' benefits in mind when implementing Feng Shui. Both cultures aim for the same goal — our inner harmony and Life Balance in any aspect.


The setting, the frame, and the atmosphere are of great importance in Hygge. That's why Feng Shui is useful to define the energies of the environment to know exactly how to benefit from them and create moments of Hygge.

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