The World belongs to Those Who Explore

Their Potential

Your Success depends on your Ability to evaluate and anticipate what is possible to achieve

And it could be a lot more than you've ever thought!

To Thrive in Life, the most fundamental action one must take

is to deal with the future

We often have a perception – right or false – of whom we are and above all, whom we may be.
Most of what we think about ourselves has been induced through the years and may occasionally prevent us from succeeding. No matter what we believe, there are many aspects of our identity that we don't even suspect, and that may allow us to go way beyond our deepest thoughts.

BaZi Profiling is an operational and strategic tool that widens the horizons of our capacities and aptitudes. It emphasizes amongst others our behavior and operating mode in different situations of our lives; 


The BaZi Profile brings forth your genetic profile, your social profile,  your professional profile, and your profile as a leader. You’ll discover or uncover your strengths under each identity.

BaZi also considers the professional profiles fitting the best regarding our personality and identity, values, and talents. Using this as a starting point, we get a new understanding of the knowledge to acquire or to strengthen to excel in branches we wouldn't even have thought about before.
BaZi Profile is without no doubt, THE TOOL that'll allow us to make our decisions out of better options and optics.  It's up to us to make our decisions out of better options and optics. We'll be able to master and create our life.


Your Personalized written BaZi Profiling, including :

Your Identity

Your Behavioural Structures

Your Professional Profiles

The Industries you should consider the most

The Job scopes that fit the best with your identity


An online Consulting Session 


Going in-depth regarding your Personality

Three secondary Identities

Precise answers to your three specific questions

Your BaZi Profile

A Real Treasure Map

Find out WHAT YOU HAVE, AWAKEN your abilities to move on and BECOME A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Use your BaZi Profile as a Treasure Map to strategize on YOUR SKILLS and INBORN TALENTS to realize your Goals.

The Three Major Components of the BaZi Profile

The Ten



The natural elements defining the identities:

Big Tall Trees:

Independent, Steady, Forthright

Flowers and twines:

Witty, Charming, Flexible

The Sun: 

Generous, Perseverant, Friendly


A Candle: 

Affectionate, Energetic, Passionate

Mountain, Rocky Boulders: 

Trustworthy, Dependable, Protective


Fertile Soil, Gardens:

Nurturing, Resourceful, Empathic

An Axe, a Sword: 

Enduring, Decisive, Straightforward


Refined, Competitive, Attractive


Proactive, Adventurous, Intelligent


Rain, Mist: 

Wise, Intuitive, Imaginative


The Five

Behavioural Structures


Nature and reasons for your actions and/or behaviour:


Determined, Result-driven, Competitive


Energetic, Creative, Dreamer


Compliant, Reliable, Likeable


Outgoing, Sociable, Dual-sided


Product-driven, Thorough, Idealistic

The Ten

Professional Profiles


The Professional Profiles displays, amongst others the natural talents in a professional "role" as:

The Director:

Making things happen 

Team coordination 

Managing operations & finances


The Pioneer:


Turning ideas into profit


The Friend:




The Leader:

Managing relationships & people


Managing products and services

The Performer:

Public speaking


Attracting attention

The Artist:



Journalistic writing

The Analyzer:

Financial analysis

Data-driven fund management

Methodological research

The Philosopher:

A Poetic expression of ideas

Big-picture thinking

Trend and pattern recognition

The Warrior:

Persevering and following through

Leading by example

Convincing and influencing people

The Diplomat:

Conflict resolution


Operational management

The running of a Consulting Session

Achieve a better understanding

You will receive a written report by email before our meeting, allowing you to have a first look at the results of your personal BaZi Profile report. 


The analysis brings insights into your true personal identity, behavioral structures, which professional profiles, the industries that may fit you best,  and the job scopes you could consider.


During the consultation, we'll go even deeper into the details. You will get to know your three other primary identities, what you desire deep down inside, and what you need to feel fulfilled. You will get a whole new perception of WHO YOU ARE and who YOU CAN BE.

You will have a thorough personal strategic guideline that you can return to, to stay on track to succeed the way you want.


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