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Pernille Johnsen Sabouret – certified consultant in traditional Feng Shui and BaZi Profiling – is happy to make you discover the perspectives of the exceptional potential of your career and life based on the Chinese Metaphysics.

Born in Denmark, the arrangement of her surroundings draws her attention being only a teen. And the strong need to create well-being and well-living in her environment has followed her ever since.

By nature, very curious, she learns from her journeys different cultures and, habits and customs throughout her childhood.

This curiosity, and her open mind, give her the taste of studying interior architecture and rearrangement, astrology, tourism, languages. Anything that’ll lead her to widen her horizons.

Finally, she starts with studies of languages as it undeniably is the starting point when you want to grow your proper insight. Being able to communicate and understand other languages multiplicates the sources of wisdom and knowledge.  


2008, she discovers with delight Feng Shui. She gets passionate about this ancient art of Chinese Metaphysics from the very start and understands that there is much more in our environment and in the Universe than what we can see at first sight. The energies, although invisible most of the time, do affect our well-being and well-living. And what’s more, they either support or restrain us in achieving our Life Goals.


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First meeting Dato Joey Yap

And that is the beginning of a continuous path of learning Chinese Metaphysics. Pernille succeeds in her certification in Feng Shui with Master Tan in Quebec, Canada. 


Consequently, she learns the good sense and efficiency of the traditional Feng Shui with Master Joey Yap, founder of the Mastery Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And this again leads her to study BaZi, Chinese Astrology; yet another branch of the Chinese Metaphysics.

The more she goes deeper into her understanding, Pernille becomes conscious of the importance of knowing oneself and understanding our life potential. Without these aspects, it isn’t easy to understand what we can achieve in our lives. BaZi has the information that leads us to our goals. BaZi teaches us how we behave, our personality, professional and personal identity, our desires, talents, and values. It’s an operational and strategic tool for everyone wanting to take their lives a step further. And Feng Shui is the remedy to the BaZi diagnosis. 


2016, she attends a course of Feng Shui and BaZi in New York with Master Joey Yap. 2018, the trip goes to Kuala Lumpur, where she succeeds in her certification in BaZi Profiling, a specialization of the full potential of our professional capacities.

During this period, she also attends courses in conversational Hypnosis and NLP to have additional tools when coaching her clients.​

April 2019, Pernille returns to Malaysia studying QiMen Dun Jia this time; A study of our subconscious mind’s structure and strengths, that gives a broader vision on how to achieve our goals.

Other courses and workshops are more than likely to be scheduled in the future!


On the Expert Panel in KL


GRWB Certification in KL


QiMen Academy Live in KL

A moment of Intimacy

It took me two years to quit a poisoned job, and one more to actually take the Path to be 100% faithful to my Inborn Talents, Desires, and Life Purpose.

Time is so precious. We shouldn't waste it on what doesn't fulfill us or makes us happy. 

My best advice to you all: 

Make each year the best in your Life. Plan your Future, know what you can achieve, and keep focused on your goals.

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