Family and


Happiness and Success - The two must-haves to feel fulfilled and accomplished.


Success without the inclusion of your family isn't what we would consider a Success or a Fulfillment.


​Part of this process may also mean getting your physical environment right. Your home hides values, options, and opportunities that can be beneficial for you. Tapping into the energies and configurations of your home can make a fundamental difference.






Life Change

Find The Option

that Fits You 

Your immediate environment can be your best ally


May it be a home or a working area, it can directly influence your life, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Being and working in an adequate sector can totally change the outcome. Working in a room where the annual energy is stall cannot give you the inspiration or the motivation you aspire.

The environmental energies should be as smooth and constant as those in your body. This way, you can obtain significant changes in the most critical domain of your life at a precise moment. And it all starts by checking the energy flow in the appropriate sector of your home.

Stand-Alone Option


You and your environment

Just as you won’t feel as comfortable sleeping in the kitchen or the bathroom as in your bedroom, all the rooms and the sectors in your home offer you different energies.

The energies can help enhance your:

-      Your intimate relationship

-      Family and social life

-      Physical and Psychologic Health and well-being

-      Career change

-      Motivation and inspiration

-      Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

-      Create professional opportunities

-      Communication Skills


Any sector in your home provides different energy levels, and by working or being in these rooms, you will absorb the energy likewise.

$577 US

For Canadians  ->  $1 US = $1 CAD

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Your and your family's life has been conditioned from the day you were born, and you have all a path meant for you, individually and family-wise.

Everyone needs to fill his or her role and at the same time be true to oneself.

From time to time, we may feel imbalanced, and that where the misunderstanding and misinterpretation start.

If this appeals to you and you would like your family to walk the common and the individual path, consider working with me.

Two visits to your home and the life theme of every family member* will lead to an actionable plan to live and grow together more harmoniously. 

Achieve individual fulfillment while considering individual needs and desires. 

*If you choose the full option

Full Option



Harmony and Reinforced Communication

Do you want go further in achieving a better and happier lifestyle?


A better understanding of every family member, spouse, and children and enhanced communication will inevitably lead to a good and harmonious relationship.


To achieve family well-living and well-being, you could consider adding and combining every family member's BaZi Profile with the energy assessment of your home. ​

And this will allow you to know:


​ - How can I understand my spouse and my children better?

 - Is there a way to communicate better and create stronger bonds?

 - How can I find the meaning of my role?

 - How do I get the best relationship with my spouse?

 - What can my children achieve?

 - What can we do to keep our individuality in our relations?

 - Is there a way for me to support my children in their studies?

It's up to you to make the best choice!


If you need more information to make it fit with your situation, I offer you a free call to discuss your desires and needs. Just send me a message below.

Including 2 BaZi Profiles

$997 US

For Canadians  ->  $1 US = $1 CAD

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