All a question of perceptions, possibilities and aspirations

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The Black Water Tiger Year is a Year about taking risks or not.


Some will benefit from taking these risks, others not.


The Chinese New Year kicks off on Feb 1 and will put us in times of intense emotions and big decisions.


In Chinese Astrology, the Tiger is known for its’ energy, go-getter nature, courage, and temper. It’s very daring and ambitious.


Water is one of the Five elements bringing along emotions, feelings, reflection, and inner thoughts.


We can all expect a year under the sign of “going for it or going home”. And we may also meets different kinds of challenges and changes.


Should we be afraid of it? No, not at all.


A challenge often makes us grow, and a change doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong. It’s up to us to define what we want and don’t want and then take action instead of waiting for things to happen.

Create and Live an Inspirational and Motivational Year.


Every new year often announces a desire for repositioning and reorientation as your life path doesn't quite fit your aspirations any longer. ​

You may have higher expectations, and you feel that there's more for you to live. 

But isn't it precisely what it's all about when it comes to growth and progress?


Just as your desires and objectives change accordingly to your perception, mood, and energy – so do your options and possibilities.

The energies change every year and directly impact our lives and possibilities.


And a clear vision of what you can expect and how to position yourself is highly advantageous.

You have come to the right place if you want to have an outlook for the year, allowing you to strategically plan your year and have the motivation to attain your yearly goal. 



A customized outlook
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Make this year one of the best years.

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